Step 1) There are now three ways to retrieve your designs!. You will get a download page after checkout like the one below.


Step 2) An email is sent to your email address if you want to download later. Don’t forget to check spam or your bulk folder; and add us to your address book


Step 3) Then later if you want you can always log back in and retrieve your designs in the upper right. So, you can make a purchase from anywhere with a Ipad, tablet or smartphone, and your order is safe and waiting on you when it is convenient to download. The links do not expire! Login in screen below…


Past order screen sample


Step 4) Next save your designs to your computer


Step 5) Next you will need to select a destination for your designs. DO NOT CLICK OK without setting up  a folder that you know where your designs are.It is always a good idea to have folders in Libraries or Documents that are labeled from each company that you buy designs from to keep them organized.


Step 6) After you find the “Documents” folder, and save your designs. You can know go back and unzip the designs. By right clicking in most cases on the zipfile that you just saved. It will have the name of the collection that you bought. If you bought a bundle you may need to download more than one file in many cases it is 3 files.


Step 7) After right click then click “extract all” and the designs will open into a new folder.



Step 8) You will then have a list of folder that will appear like below having different formats in each folder.



Step 9) You will then click on your desired format, and you may need to click again depending on if your collection has an additional subfolder structure. You designs are there.



10) Now you are set you can now move your designs and organize the way you want  or right click and send them to a flash USB drive or open them with your embroidery software to view. We recommend Buzzexplore for managing lots of designs.